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Monday, 5 December 2011

Explaining to the world my view point of why muslims are not Terrorists.

Firstly, what is the meaning of terrorism?? Why they kept occuring?? Why is it always related to Muslims?? What's the meaning of Jihad?? Well I'm going to answer all these question and I hope you guys see Muslims in a good way. I'm a Muslim by the way and I'm PROUD.~

Terrorist basically means a radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with the other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for their activities. Keyword here is POLITICAL(POLITICS) They kept occuring because it's all started from civil unrest. people were unhappy about the unfairness with the government or the country, and they kept showing demonstrations. these days corrupted people in the government are the main reason why people are angry. Most of the demonstrations protest in peace but a small minority were responsible for most of the damage. Some of the people then decides to imply more force to their protest which terrorize the government AND citizens!! That's where the government started using the word, "terrorist". Terrorism is always related to Muslims because it always happen in Muslim countries!! E.g Iraq, Palastine,Pakistan,Egypt...etc The reason why terrorist hate America is because of conflicts with the Muslims countries!!

The most wanted(former, but now dead) terrorist Osama said alot of things he was unhappy about in his letter ( The things he's unhappy about is TRUE, the world should research and find out about this!! BUT, the way he opposed is WRONG!! E.g, When Palastine was shared between Arabs and Jews, the Jews got 56%(499,000 Jews and 438,000 Arabs) of the land while Arabs only got 42% (818,000 Palestinian Arabs and 10,000 Jews) (Source Wiki) another unfair thing is that, the Jews tried to conquer Palastine, so basically there are many bloodshed, this ofcourse cause civil unrest I've said earlier, because representatives of palastians and the Arab League DID try to oppose the UN action (The unequal or unfair distribution of land) and even rejected it's authority to involve itself in the entire matter (Source Wiki) So these is just ONLY ONE of the MANY conflicts. Till now that still happen, there are other conflict mention in Osama's "'letter", SO, Muslims are unhappy with the UN for it's unfairness and America for supporting Israel, INSTEAD of saving the suffering Palastinians in Palastine!! The reason why Muslims all around the world is angry is because every Muslim and Muslimah is OUR brothers and sisters, we help each other, that's what Islam is all about, being united as one and supporting peace!!

No religion encourages terrorist acts or violence!! The word 'Islam' itself means "Peace obtained by submitting yourselves to the Almighty!! BUT People are still wondering why Islam is a peace religion but still do violence and why terrorist do it in the name of Islam or the Muslim term "Jihad" now I'll explain it to you.

Jihad is simply to say, 'to fight for religion (Islam)'. When Muslims fight for their religion, and died during the process, (e.g. war, torture...etc) the decease will straight away go to heaven!! This had been mentioned in the Qur'an. So, the terrorist is using this to brainwash their followers thinking that they'll make god proud and all sorts of stuff, especially lies that motivates to hate and kill people, so that's why their followers are willing to do anything to achieve the Jihad 'reward'!! I said "BRAINWASH" because there's a reason to it.

The reason I said "Brainwash" is because of ALL the terrorists' acts. A terrorist is always a suicide bomber, and it aims citizen of the country. Firstly, suicide is already s great sin mentioned in the Qur'an yet, they also KILLED countless of INNOCENT VICTIMS which is another great sin!! As a 15 year old Muslim myself, I know that this is wrong (The act I montioned earlier) even my 10 year old brother knows it's wrong!! So, the followers, due to the war violence  that maybe killed their family members and vow to avenged them. with the mindset fixed that way, THUS it's easier for Ideologist or terrorist to BRAINWASH them and using their victim's weak beliefs as an advantage!! 

I personally don't understand why terrorist do this , it's like they fight with the people smaller and weaker than them!! Bullying or coercion to be precise. It's better to fight the oppositions' or enemies' armies rather than targeting innocent citizen THAT'S THE RIGHT WAY OF JIHAD. But hey, I'm not promoting war though.REMEMBER: Whoever do any terrorist act, THEY ARE NOT MUSLIMS!! But they think they are because they are originally Muslims but when they are brainwashed and do such acts they don't deserve the privilege to be called a Muslim. Islam NEVER teaches or support TERRORISM

"In every religion there are black sheep and the media keep putting these people forward. This is a media conspiracy and a way of pushing people away from Islam" -Zakir Naik (Muslim Scholar) 

Oh yea I almost forgot, there are reasons why each country has a "terrorist", Palestinians are called "terrorists" just because they are fighting to get their land back!!..... Irish Republican Army, which was considered to be terrorist group, has a history of 100 years of violence against the British, but the British government doesn't seem to be scared about them as they are about radical Islamic group, YOU SEE THE UNFAIRNESS?? ANYWAY, NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORIST!! When other people or media says "ISLAMIC TERRORIST" It can refers to all Islamic people so every Muslim is affected and were AND are given a very bad impression!! The media should specifically identify the terrorist by their country not by their religion!! THIS cause all the Muslims to suffer in the society and has affect them very badly :'( 

.REMEMBER: Whoever do any terrorist act, THEY ARE NOT MUSLIMS!! But they think they are because they are originally Muslims but when they are brainwashed and do such acts they don't deserve the privilege to be called a Muslim. Islam NEVER teaches or support TERRORISM

These are COMMON views of world famous personalities (It's a fact, NOT I made up!!): President of Venezuela- Hugo Ghaves, President elect of Bolivia- Harry Belafonte, UK MP- George Calloway, Former Chief Minister (West Bengal)- Jyoti Basu ==>> "George Bush is the biggest terrorist" and "The blood on the hands on George Bush and Tony Blair is much more than the bombers who have done bombings in London" Lastly, Nobel prize winner for peace, Betty Williams once said that "I would love to kill George Bush" (Source:

So I hope after reading this, people will change the bad impression of Muslims, I'm just a 15 year old kid who loves to research alot. If you like it, if possible make the whole world know about this, that ISLAM TEACHES PEACE NOT VIOLENCE. Wasalam~ I hoped you gain more knowledge and be more open-minded :) Anyway this my first blog, comments are welcome and encouraged!!~

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